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For the association Entourage

RIL 24 

Participating in the Run In Lyon by Harmonie Mutuelle also means doing a good deed by supporting our partner association 👍😍

Whatever race you take part in, you can make a donation.

Donations raised will go to the Entourage association, which fights against precariouness and exclusion restoring support through sport to those who no longer have, one since its creation in 2014.
In 2023, the Entourage association officially launches its third programme : Entourage Sport. An affinity programme to recreate social links and enable everyone to re-mobilise mentally and physically via sport. Take advantage of Run In Lyon to help everyone make sport a part of their lives!
Take advantage of Run In Lyon to help everyone make sport a part of their lives!

How do I donate?

  • You take part in the Solidarity Run: €4 of your entry fee will be donated to the charity
  • You're taking part in the 10km, half or marathon: you can make a donation on the registration form.

In more detail, what is Entourage Sport?

Entourage Sport, is a programme that aims to involve everyone in support groups with people who don’t have any, but this time through sport. Entourage Sport works on two levels: at the practical level, enabling everyone to practice a sport on a regular or occasional basis, and at the level of passion, offering everyone the chance to share in the excitement of major sporting events.

The Entourage Sport programme offers three ways to re-mobilise through sport:

  • 1. The clubs scheme: enabling people living in very precarious conditions or excluded from society to take up a sporting activity on a regular basis et de se créer un réseau en intégrant un club de sport.
  • 2. Regular sporting events: enabling excluded and included people to meet up and recreate social links by taking part in a sporting activity on a regular basis.
  • 3. Association with major sporting competitions: enabling the most excluded to experience the passion of sport and unique moments that create social links by attending major sporting events.

These 3 elements build a coherent and flexible pathway, based on the desires and possibilities of people both included and excluded, to enable them to recreate support networks.

Après un an d’actions, Entourage Sport en quelques chiffres c’est…

  • 550 disadvantaged people took part in sporting events, accompanied by 300 local residents
  • 30 candidates integrated into the clubs programme, including 20 registered with a partner club or in the process of being integrated
  • 100 sporting events organised (practice and passion for sport)

Support Entourage Sport and wear your shorts against exclusion!