How to register for L’Étape Nujiang by Le Tour de France?

Log on the official website of Le Tour de France China Events by mobile phone or PC to complete the registration online, or directly here on time to.

Should I re-register for the website if I did before?

No, you can just log in with the mobile phone number. Due to the update of the official website, please check your personal information first, and then you can register the race.

Can personal basic information be changed after successful registration?

Once submitted, your personal information, such as your name, ID Card No., gender and date of birth, cannot be changed. Please check carefully before submitting your information.

When does the registration start? The difference between early bird and normal registration?

Early Bird Registration is open from 12:00 August 11th to 12:00 August 31th.

Standard registration is open from 12:00 September 1st to 12:00 September 25th.

And an " Early Bird" discounted price with a limited quota is offered; the standard registration comes close to the race without any discount.

How to know whether the registration is successful or not?

There are two ways to confirm the registration:

  • 1. The system will send an email to inform the successful registration.
  • 2. Log on the website to check if the registration is successful.
  • 3. The mobile phone number which used to register will receive a message about the successful registration.


Is group registration is acceptable?

No, each individual participant has to register on their own.

Can I change race category after registration online?

No. You cannot change the race category after completing the registration.

Can I get refund for giving up the race after registration confirmed?

No. Once registration is confirmed, you cannot get refund.

What is included in my registration?

  • Race slot
  • Insurance
  • Welcome bag
  • Finisher medal
  • Full road closure experience
  • Medical assistance
  • On-course feeding zones


What is included in the Welcome bag?

Race number pack (bib number, number plate, luggage tag, info sticker, event itinerary timetable), event program, and goodies from official partners.

How to collect the Welcome bag?

After your registration is confirmed, you need to take your ID card (which was used to register the race) to the Village on the day before the race. The staff will check the ID number, and then, you can collect the Welcome bag. Notice: The Welcome bag can only be collected by the participant who used the ID number to register, and no one can represent others for collecting the Welcome bag.

Are there any requirements for the participating bicycle models?

You can log on the website: There are detailed directions about the participating bicycle models.

Is bicycle insurance included in the insurance for the participant?

The Organizing Committee will take out insurance for all participants and staff(Bicycle insurance is not included. Riders are advised to insure themselves).

Is a physical examination necessary to participate in L’Étape Nujiang by Le Tour de France ?

You can register after confirming you are physically healthy or have long-term exercises or basic training for the race. After the registration is successful, you are required to get a physical health certificate at a registered medical institution.

Is the road closed to traffic during the race?

Throughout the entire race, as for the professional riders in the Tour de France, you will ride on a road which is closed to traffic. However, a time limit will be set up to ensure the road be open again at a specific time. After the time, the road will resume. The time schedule will be available later on the Wechat Official Account. The Wechat ID is ‘letourofficial’.

What should I do if I retire or if I am eliminated?

The “time schedule” vehicle follows a precise time schedule. Any rider who is overtaken by this vehicle at any point during the race, will be considered eliminated. If you retire, you should leave the track for being safe, and wait for the “time schedule” vehicle. If you are eliminated, you should follow the instructions, a bus/truck will take you and your bicycle to the finish village.

Is there any storage service before the race?

Yes, it is free of charge before the race.

Is there any souvenir?

Each participant who finishes the race within time limitation will be awarded with a medal, and will be able to download the participation certificate on official website after the race is finished.

The finish point of the race is away from the start point, is there any shuttle service from the finish to the start?

The committee will arrange shuttle buses for riders to return to the start point after the race is finished.

Is there a photo service?

The information of photo service will be published on the Wechat Official Account, please take notice of it.

When will the results be published?

The results will be available to check after the race on official website and Wechat Official Account. You will be able to download the finisher certificate in your personal account on Tour de France Events in China.

If I have any other questions, how to contact the committee to consult?

You can contact us via service number: 400-100-3103(workdays,10:00-12:00,14:00-18:00), or send the email to