General Questions

What is The Mud Day?

The Mud Day is an obstacle race with 22 obstacles over 22 kilometers. This year, you can also register for a shorter course which is 11 obstacles over 7 kilometers.

Is The Mud Day a difficult event?

The Mud Day was conceived for you to show your badass skills. You will need to be in shape and train a little (or a lot). However, if you don’t feel like passing an obstacle, no worries. You can just walk by it and head for the next obstacle. And this year we have even prepared a shorter version, so if you’re not confident for the 13K version, register and challenge yourself on the 7K version.

How can I collect my options?

Gloves and T-Shirt can be collected directly on-site. You will get your personalized Mudaille (medal) a few days after the event.

Before the event

Who can register?

Anyone above 18 years-old can register to The Mud Day. Find here the rules in details.

How to register?

All registrations are on time to. It will only takes you a few minutes and you will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail.

What does my registration include?

Elle comprend :

  • Your access to the Villages and animations
  • Your entry to The Mud Day
  • Your beer at the arrival
  • Your finisher T-shirt as well as your medal

How do I collect my race bib?

You will need the following items to obtain your race bib

  • Your registration confirmation with the QR code
  • Your ID
  • Your valid medical certificate. If this has not already been validated on your time to personal space or if not placed online

Download here the certificate template

Do I need a medical certificate to participate to The Mud Day?

Yes. The Mud Day is a risky event and we must make sure that you are in good health for the requested effort. You will need to present it on the event day or download it on your time to profile. You need a medical certificate from a Doctor based in France with the following mention “non contre-indication à la pratique de la course à pied en competition”. You can download an example here.

During the event

What is the time and place?

Every practical information is on the website. Your exact time of departure will be communicated by email a week before the event.

Will there be a parking?

Of course! Free access for motorbikes and every car with at least 4 people in it. Otherwise you will need to pay 10€ to access the dedicated parking. Commando and Mud Pacha will have a free entry to access the P1, parking near the Village.

TMD Paris accès parking

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