Mud and happiness!

Ah, Mud Day Paris. It all began in 2013. Between quarries, shooting stands and old tanks, a legendary challenge awaits you in the heart of the Frileuse military camp. Yes indeed, we are talking about the GIGN (National Gendarmerie Intervention Group) training site. Solo or with your Mud Team, come see how you fare against the biggest obstacle course in the world! What’s on the menu? Lots of sweat, unique sensations, some aches and pains. But above all? The teamwork. And then comes the glory. All that plus a well-earned Mud Beer upon arriving at the Village. Be a Mud Guy!


¡Nos vemos en la línea de salida!

  • 7 KM
  • 11 obstacles
  • 13 KM
  • 22 obstacles


Sábado 15 y Domingo 16 de Junio 2019


Camp militaire de Frileuse
Avenue du Général Leclerc
78650 Beynes

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