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6 km

This year, Run In Marseille by Harmonie Mutuelle gives you the opportunity to run a 6km! If you want to share a sporting, festive and friendly moment without going through months of training, then this short race is made for you!

Alone or with friends, family and colleagues, enjoy a warm ambiance in the heart of the annual running event in Marseille. The race starts from les Plages du Prado, goes along the Mediterranean sea, and finishes at one of the most iconic places in the city : le Vieux-Port de Marseille. In short, this 6km route along the sea is going to be wonderful.

Roads are closed to traffic to keep your mind free while you run. So, whether you are a Sunday jogger or a fanatic, choose your own pace and join this sporting party that will gather all the races on a single day. See you on Sunday, November 22nd 2020!

Parcours 6 km

10 km

The 10km is the perfect distance because it combines three essential criteria:

  • It is a distance which is a challenge. Running 10 kilometres isn't easy, you have to work for it.
  • It is a fun distance. There are many people who are motivated to run this distance.
  • It is a distance for all the family. You can run with your father, mother, brothers and sisters ... fun for all the family!

Whether you are a Sunday jogger or a fanatic, regardless of your level, this distance is made for you. What's the difference between you and the other runners? Your goals. Your goal might be to finish the race with a faster time, or just to surprise Emily who is always boasting about her times or to get a closer look at Chris who will be running in fluorescent colours when you normally see him in a suit and tie.

The 10km Run In Marseille by Harmonie Mutuelle is undoubtedly the most beautiful 10km race in France, following the seafront for 7km. If you’re not familiar with the region yet, it’s an opportunity to make the most of this beautiful city in a festive atmosphere. If you’re from Marseille, the race is just a pretext for discovering your city from another angle, with friends or family, and for feeling even prouder to be a native of the city. The roads will be closed to traffic of course, to ensure that you can thoroughly enjoy your run!

Parcours 10 km


The Half-Marathon is a distance which attracts more and more runners, and it's not surprising because there are two (very) strong points in its favour:

  • Even if its takes several weeks of training, it is a distance which is accessible to all, as long as you have the right trainers and a good playlist.
  • It is a distance which also represents a significant sporting challenge and therefore gives you a real sense of satisfaction when you cross the finish line.

Whether your goal is to run the distance for the first time and say 'I did it!', or whether it is to impress your colleagues at work, or improve your time compared to your last race, the Run In Marseille by Harmonie Mutuelle Half-Marathon is the ideal distance. If this is your first half-marathon, you will undoubtedly enjoy a very pleasant run in a city which, from a cultural and historical point of view, is as good as any. You will set off from the MUCEM, before running through some of the most emblematic sites in Marseille. As you leave the Parc Borely, you will join the Corniche and follow the Mediterranean coast. Is there anything more enjoyable than running along the seafront? From this point onwards, you will follow the Mediterranean coast right until you cross the finish line at the one and only Vieux Port.

Profile : +100m / -100m

Parcours semi-marathon


The Relay Marathon consists of running the 42.195 km of the classic marathon alongside marathon runners…but in a team, by dividing up the distances! A great opportunity to share the effort and the joys of competing with friends and/or family, whatever your level.

It couldn’t be easier to register:

  • The team designates its leader, who registers on the time to platform.
  • The leader fills in the team name and chooses a password which he passes on to his two team mates.
  • The team mates register in turn on the time to platform.

N.B.: the leader must indicate a target time when he registers to be placed in the right starting area on Race Day! Be careful to talk to each other: each relay runner must have a different distance!

Your registration will entitle you to

  • Training guides & plans to prepare your race in the best way
  • Training sessions with qualified coaches
  • A technical t-shirt
  • A race number allowing you to be timed and run with the other teams
  • Refreshments and a medal when you finish your race

Parcours marathon


Experienced runners, this race is for you. There isn't much to say about the Marathon because it is THE mythical distance par excellence. The Marathon represents a very significant sporting challenge, whether it is your first or whether you have already had the opportunity (and courage) to do what is, for many runners, a dream. So, to honour these 42.195 km of intense effort, we have prepared a superb route around the Phocean city. Our objective is to make this Marathon a unique event and a highlight of your running career.

Profile : +240m / -240m   

Parcours marathon

Pitch Marathoon's

What is the Pitch Marathoon's?

These three little races are reserved for kids and will take place on a safe, enclosed circuit. To ensure the greatest enjoyment of our budding runners, they will have access to a Village where they can enjoy a wide range of entertainment especially for them: music, etc. A medal and a real snack will be waiting at the finish line to congratulate them! And for their families, the Pitch Marathoon’s is a unique opportunity to communicate the value of sport to them in a family-oriented way.

Three starts are planned depending on the children's ages:

  • 5-6 years - P'tits marathooniens : 1,2km - Esplanade of J4 - MuCEM 
  • 7-8 years - Moyens marathooniens : 1,6km - Esplanade of J4 - MuCEM
  • 9-10 years - Grands marathooniens : 2km - Esplanade of J4 - MuCEM

IMPORTANT : Your child does not need a medical certificate to participate in the Pitch Marathoon's!

Our teams will be there throughout the afternoon to welcome you to the Pitch Marathoon's Village!

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