Who can register?

Everyone! All you need is to be born in 2003 or before ... well, it all depends on the race you’ve chosen:

  • The 10 km is open to all runners born in 2003 or before (16 years old in 2019)
  • The Half Marathon and the Relay Marathon are open to all runners born in 2001 or before (18 years old in 2019)
  • The Marathon is open to all runners born in 1999 or before (20 years old in 2019)
  • Warning! Licenced runners must upload sports licence (FFA) on their personal time to account showing that a medical certificate has been issued. Runners without a licence must upload a medical certificate stating that they have no contra-indication to taking part in running competitions. To know all conditions about your medical certificate, go on To Do List page.

What does my registration include?

Your registration includes:

  • Access to the Run In Marseille by Harmonie Mutuelle Village, packed full of enthusiasm and surprises (oh yes!)
  • Free training organised by ability (great fun)
  • Registration for the race (more fun)
  • A (collector's item) T-shirt and running bag
  • Refreshments every 5km
  • Your exact time (which you can boast about - or not - after the race)
  • Your medal (because you have earned it, no matter what)
  • The status of finisher (and that's priceless!)

What is the relay marathon ?

The Relay Marathon consists of running the 42.195km of the classic marathon alongside marathon runners…but in a team, by dividing up the distances! Each team must be made up of 3 runners who will cover the different sections of the route on offer: the first one will run around 7.4 km, the second 18.4 km and the third one 16.4 km. A great opportunity to share the effort and the joys of competing with friends and/or family, whatever your level. The first relay runner will set off from Esplanade du J4 – MUCEM at 8:00 am. The relay area is located on the Place du Général de Gaulle.

More infos

Run with your company

I am running with my company, how do I register?

Nothing could be easier: go and see your team leader and ask nicely for your code. Then, all you need to do is register on the time to website. Then start training to make sure you clock up a good time for your company!


How can I pick up my race bib?

In order to pick up your race bib, you need to go to the Run In Marseille Village at Parvis de l’Hôtel de Ville (metro 1 Vieux-Port). Things to take with you:

  • 1. Your invitation with QR code
  • 2. Your valid medical certificate (if it has not been validated by the organization on your personal time to account or if it has not been uploaded online)
  • 3.A piece of ID (too bad if your photo isn't the most flattering!)

The bib must be pinned to your chest throughout the race (using the pins provided, don't worry, you don't need to go to a haberdashery shop!). It mustn't be covered or modified. Anyone not wearing the bib will be disqualified from the race. Yes, it's tough but that's how it is.

Where and when do I pick up my race bib?

You're asking all the right questions!

  • Where? At the Run In Marseille Village at Parvis de l’Hôtel de Ville
  • Are there metros? Yes! Line 1 Vieux-Port
  • When? Friday 22th March from 12am to 7pm or Saturday 23th March from 9am to 7pm

Watch out: No bibs will be given out on the Sunday morning, the day of the race!

Medical certificate / Rules

Is the medical certificate compulsory?

Oh yes! Without a valid medical certificate mentioning “no counter indication to taking part in athletics competitions” or “no counter indication to taking part in running competitions” or “no counter indication to taking part in sport competitions”, you won't be able to run! Check out our medical certificate page to be sure that yours has been provided correctly. Even better, to avoid errors, we recommend that you use our model certificate which is available here.

Where can I find the race rules?

If you want to read the race regulations clicking here.

Start/Finish Area

What time does it start?

  • The official start time for the Half Marathon is 8.00 am
  • The official start time for the Marathon is 8.00 am
  • The official start time for the Relay Marathon is 8.00 am
  • The official start time for the 10 km is 10.30am

What time should I come to the start?

We advise you to get to your starting area at least 30 minutes before your start time, near the MUCEM (Esplanade du J4) for the half, the marathon and the relay marathon, and Place Castellane for the 10K.

Pratical information for the D Day

How does the timing work?

When you pick up your race bib, we will also give you a timing chip which takes the form of a strip stuck behind each bib. Long live technology! This chip will be automatically started when you cross the start line and will check your regularity throughout the course at various points (every 5km in fact). For example, a participant who doesn't take the right route can't be ranked at the end. For your chip to be detected by the timing mats throughout the route, make sure that you:

  • Don't fold your bib
  • Don't crease your bib
  • Don't unstick the strips
  • Don't let children draw on them either
  • And if you are wearing a top over your bib, remember to unzip it when you run over the mats

Can I eat during the race?

We will make sure that you get all the sustenance you need to get across the finish line! Refreshments will be organised for all races, every 5 km. You can grab some water, dried fruit, fresh fruit and sugar.

Are there left luggage facilities?

You can leave your bags at the left luggage facilities at the Vieux-Port, so your can run with a clear head and empty pockets. You pick it up after the race upon presentation of your bib.

For the relay marathon, you can leave your bags at the left luggage facilities at the relay area located Place du Général de Gaulle.

Are there pacemakers to help me achieve my goals?

Of course! In each starting area, pacemakers will be there to help you meet your goals. Just like cabaret dancers, they are easy to spot: they will be wearing feathers in the colours of your starting area! There will be 14 pacemarkers :

On the 10K :

  • 47min
  • 51min
  • 54min
  • 57min
  • 1h

On the half-marathon :

  • 01h40
  • 01h45
  • 01h55
  • 2h
  • 2h05

On the marathon :

  • 3h30
  • 3h45
  • 4h00
  • 4h15


After the race

When and where can I check out my results?

Your results will be available on the time to website from the afternoon of Sunday 24th March. You can download a certificate on the same site and find photos and videos of the race. All you'll need to do is share them on your social networks to show what you were doing while everyone else was lazing in bed!

Are there rankings?

Of course! We don't want to put you under any pressure (promise!), but it has to be said that we want you to run a good time (a little bit of pressure never did any harm)! SOLO: Individual ranking including all runners and a CORPORATE challenge. 

Is there a prize money on Run In Marseille ?

Yes because we take care of our elite runners on Run In Marseille!
Discover our 2019 prize money here.

Where can I get my photos after the race?

If you're not scared to see what you look like during the race, you can find all your photos on theMarathon-photos website.

Who will help me if I get lost on the big day?

Don't panic! Hundreds of cheerful, helpful volunteers will be available throughout the event. We will make sure they are everywhere! In particular, you can find them when you pick up your race bib, at the refreshment stations, throughout the race and at the finish line. They are there for you, so even if you are totally concentrated on your time and the crowds, be nice back to them, give them a smile and thank them for their encouragement with a nod.


Can I become volunteer to help out?

With pleasure! We'd be mad to refuse enthusiastic helpers - maybe you can encourage others to help too? Bring your good humour and generous nature and join our hundreds of volunteers to help make this event run smoothly. For more info : contact@partagetapassion.