How to register?

All registrations are made on-line on time to. Registration takes no more than five minutes and you will receive immediate confirmation by email.


What documents do I need to collect my race number?

A piece of ID and confirmation of your registration are all that you need.

Where and when do I collect my race number?

Race numbers for all distances of the Paris-Roubaix Challenge can be picked up at the Jean Stablinski Velodrome in Roubaix as well as in Busigny (only on the day of the race).

  • For the 70 km route: at the Jean Stablinski Regional Velodrome, in Roubaix
    • on Friday 1Oth April from 12pm to 7pm
    • on Saturday 11th April from 7am to 10.45am
  • For the 145 km route: at the Jean Stablinski Regional Velodrome, in Roubaix
    • on Friday 10th April from 12pm to 7pm
    • on Saturday 11th April from 7am to 9.45am
  • For the 172 km route: at the Jean Stablinski Regional Velodrome, in Roubaix,
    • on Friday 10th April from 12pm to 7 pm
    • on Saturday 11th April from 6am to 8.45am Salle des Fêtes de Busigny

Can I leave a bag at the start and pick it up at the finish?

Left-luggage facilities are available at the start of all the races. For the 172k route, you can leave your luggage in the salle des Fêtes (village hall) in Busigny. For the 70k and 145k routes, you will leave your luggage at the Jean Stablinski Velodrome in Roubaix. Your race number will be written on a label supplied with the number, and attached to your bag. At the finish, you can pick up your bag by presenting your race number at the Jean Stablinski Velodrome in Roubaix.

Rules and timing

What types of bikes are allowed on the Paris-Roubaix Challenge?

All bikes approved by the French Cycling Federation are accepted apart from electric bikes. Recumbent bikes and handlebar extensions are not allowed.

Is the Paris-Roubaix Challenge a timed race?

Several of the cobbled sections are timed. You will be given your personal times but there will be no published ranking (between participants).

Will roads be closed to traffic during the race?

The race will take place on roads open to traffic. Therefore, you must respect the “Code de la Route” (French Highway Code). Marshals will be present along the route to remind riders that respecting traffic regulations is essential to the smooth running of the race.

Are helmets mandatory?

Rigid helmets must be worn. The wearing of helmets (with the chin strap fastened) is mandatory at all times on the route. Any participant not wearing a helmet will be disqualified (his/her race number and number plate will be cancelled).

What is a time schedule?

The time schedule allows the time when participants will cycle past different areas and will finish to be forecasted. A deadline for finishing at the velodrome in Roubaix will be determined and published on this website.

What happens if a rider withdraws?

If you are unable to continue riding the route (due to bike breakdown), an emergency number will be available so that you can alert the race authorities. This number is You will be picked up and taken to the finish.

How will the start of the Paris-Roubaix Challenge take place?

Depending on the distance chosen, the races will start at the Jean Stablinski Velodrome in Roubaix (70 and 145km) or in Busigny (172km).

  • 172 km: free starts between 7am and 9am.
  • 145 km: free starts between 7am and 10am.
  • 70 km: free starts between 7am and 11am.

Are there feeding stations on the route?

Feeding stations will be set up at established points along the route. You will find water, fresh fruit, dried fruit, savoury products, etc. there.

Où puis-je trouver une assistance technique pour mon vélo ?

Une assistance technique gratuite (sauf pièces) sera à ta disposition sur les deux départs, à chaque point de ravitaillement et à l'arrivée.

Where can I find technical assistance for my bike?

Technical assistance will be available all along the route.

What should I do with my litter during the race?

You must keep your waste (packaging, etc.) on you and throw it into the bins at the feeding stations. “Eco-cyclist” patrols will be present in the peloton. Their job is to remind you to respect the environment and they will also take note of the race number of any participant seen deliberately throwing litter on the ground. These participants will be relegated.

Finish and results

When will the rankings be published?

There will be no published ranking. However, your personal time will be available on the website from 8pm on the day of the race.

Where can I see my personal photos and videos?

Your personal photos and videos will be available several days after the race on time to.

Is there a secure bike park in the Village to store my bike?

A secure bike park will be set up in the Welcome Village.

  • Friday 10th April from 12pm to 7pm
  • Saturday 11th April from 10am to 6pm

Will there be a pasta party?

There won’t be a pasty party. However, food trucks will be present at the finish in Roubaix and will offer different catering solutions.

How can I follow the professional race?

This year, we are offering the Challenge’s participants the possibility to experience the legend of Paris-Roubaix by watching the mythical finish of the Queen of the Classics in the heart of the Velodrome on Sunday 12th April. By participating in the cyclo the day before, you’ll have the privilege of accessing a specific area, that will be reserved for you on the lawn of the velodrome for only €10. Access is between 2.30pm and 4.30pm at the entry point indicated on the map below. You can then follow the race on the big screen before watching the finish, live from the lawn. Limited number of places available.


Can I volunteer to help out?

With pleasure! We'd be mad to refuse enthusiastic helpers - maybe you can encourage others to help too? Bring your good humour and generous nature and join our hundreds of volunteers to help make this event run smoothly.

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