Take on the challenge of the Hell of the North!

Have you always dreamed of participating in a bicycle race in the same conditions - or nearly so- as the professionals? If so, the Paris-Roubaix Challenge is waiting for you. 24 hours before the pros, join cycling enthusiasts from around the world and face the legendary Hell of the North, which is among the most celebrated races in the world of cycling. On open but secure roads, three levels of difficulty and three distances will be proposed for you to choose the one that corresponds to your level. While this is a solo event, there will be team spirit in the air to take on the cobblestone sectors of the race. Come and test yourself on the legend!


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  • 70 Km Distance 1
  • 145 KmDistance 2
  • 172 Km Distance 3


STAB Vélodrome 59 rue Alexandre Fleming 59100 Roubaix

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