Get out of your comfort zone and throw yourself into the mud!

The Mud Day is a 13 km race comprising 22 formidable obstacles. It’s a personal challenge unlike any other, where team spirit and support are your best weapons. If you are willing to suffer some soreness and a couple of bruises in the name of fun, this challenge is for you!

Would you like to put your body and mind to the test with muddy mounds and obstacle courses? Crawl through pipes and barbed wire, grab hold of slippery ropes, and scale high fences that are livened up with water, ice, and electricity. Do you feel like putting your limits to the test, all while having a great time with your friends and loved ones? Reserve your Mud Guy bib and get your Mud Team together!

Whether your goal is to dash off with the first wave and finish the race in less than an hour or simply to share a crazy experience with your mates, united by the challenge, everybody has a place at this starting line. At the finish line you’ll find the indispensable Mud Wash or wash-off point (AKA the ice shower), a well-earned Mud Beer, a medal and, of course, the glory!

Enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the Village, where participants can warm up and have a bite to eat. You will also discover that feeling of ‘Munday Morning,” a gentle joy mixed with pride that you will be filled with when you return to your colleagues on Monday morning.

What are the basic values of Mud Day? Comradery, teamwork, and of course, sharing. Doing it on your own would simply be less fun!