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Access plan

Find here the different access plans for the Run In Reims :
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10 km

The 10 km Run In Reims by Harmonie Mutuelle is a fun distance for the whole family. The 10 km course enables visitors from France and elsewhere to discover the historic centre of Reims and its UNESCO World Heritage monuments.  It is also an opportunity for the inhabitants of Reims to experience their city differently, as it will be closed to traffic for the duration of the race!

Parcours 10 km


The half-marathon is a distance that attracts a very large number of runners. It is an ambitious distance that is accessible to many and represents a fine goal for the end of the season. If this is your first half-marathon, take advantage of a pleasant course through the historic centre of Reims and the neighbouring municipalities. If this is not your first time, the fast Run In Reims course will, we hope, enable you to better your personal record. 

Parcours semi-marathon


The marathon is THE legendary distance and the Reims in Champagne marathon is unique!It is unique because it is integrated into the local heritage. As of the first kilometres, you will pass through the historic centre of Reims, then through typical Champagne villages and the Parc de Champagne park. This marathon is a real opportunity for tourism, lasting a day or even a weekend. 

Parcours marathon

Pitch Marathoon's

The Pitch Marathoon's races cover three short distances of
800 metres, 1.2 and 1.6 kilometres, exclusively for children. There will be a special Village with events, including a musical warm-up, just like for the adults!

IMPORTANT : Your child does not need a medical certificate to participate in Pitch Marathoon's. We will give you a bib for the child in exchange for the registration confirmation to print.