Become a volunteer, join the Team!

Some people are there for others, selflessly dedicating their time, energy and commitment in return for a smile or "thank you". They are Volunteers, without whom many events would simply never happen. Manning the left-luggage service and race number retrieval stand, handing out food and drinks in refreshment stations, keeping intersections safe and more — volunteers are active on all fronts. He is the major and essential player of the Run In Marseille by Harmonie Mutuelle.

Who are these volunteers?

Anyone can be a volunteer! Students, athletes, engineers, friends, pensioners, non-athletes, families... People from all walks of life are welcome because they can all bring something to live strong moments around sport.

The magic formula is as simple as 1-2-3:

  • Being of legal age, from 18 to 99 years old, with volunteers over this age getting a small extra :)
  • Being engaged, friendly, and having a good vibe with other volunteers and participants. It's very important to respect everyone and be patient with even the rowdiest participants.
  • Having a sunny disposition to inject some fun into the proceedings. Even if you have to get up early, it makes things more fun for everyone!

Still not sure?

Here are 5 good reasons to be volunteer for our events:

  • Living an unforgettable human adventure
  • Participate to an exceptional event
  • Contribute to sport achievements
  • Meeting new people
  • Learning and developing new skills
  • Making Marseille vibrate

If you want to be one of the 800 volunteers who will be there this year to support the 1200 participants in the event, sign up with the contact below :
You can also give us a call on +33 (0) 

See you on November 22nd :)

The Run in Marseille team