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Kabubu is an association that aims to promote the social and professional inclusion of exiled people through sport. Kabubu's mission is to promote the creation of social links between exiled people (asylum seekers, refugees, migrants) and local people (French and European) through the power of sport and to facilitate the professional inclusion of exiled people by creating training opportunities in the field of sport.
In order to contribute to its mission, Kabubu Lyon is developing four types of complementary actions in the Lyon metropolitan area:

  • 1. Social linkage programs such as inclusive sports activities that are free and open to all. These activities, some weekly and others punctual, aim to bring together exiled people and local people to create social links between participants from all backgrounds. To do so, we make sure to respect the mix within these activities; both the mix between women and men and the mix between local people and exiled people. These activities (futsal, basketball, running, badminton, etc.) are supervised by volunteers trained and accompanied by the association. Single-sex activities, such as 100% women's yoga, aim to encourage the participation and development of women. We can also mention the Potenti'elles program, a program 100% reserved for women to allow exiled women, whatever their status, to regain confidence in themselves and their bodies through the practice of yoga, discovery activities and the creation of pairs with local women to achieve together a sporting challenge of their choice. This program is being implemented for the second year in a row in Paris and is currently being developed in Lyon. This program aims to improve the physical and mental well-being of local and exiled women, open to all regardless of their status. The actions also help women to develop their capacity for emancipation and their power to act.

  • 2. Social linkage and skills enhancement programs such as our Ambassad'Or program, an initiation program to inclusive animation that allows young people to develop their critical thinking and to commit themselves to citizenship and living together through sports. This program of engagement and accompaniment of local and exiled volunteers (youth and adults) includes a methodology of valorisation of competences to allow the participants involved to value their learning through the Volunteer Passport.

  • 3. Professional training and support programs for beneficiaries of international protection and newcomers who are far from employment to become professional in the sports and entertainment industry. These programs are complemented by language support and social and professional accompaniment. For example, we can mention the "FIER" program (Football, Inclusion, Employment, pRimo-arrivants) which is a training program set up by Olympique Lyonnais, Formapi and Kabubu, with the support of Pôle Emploi and AFDAS.  

  • 4. In parallel, Kabubu is developing the Migration Fresco. It is an information tool that aims to raise awareness, in an educational and playful way, on the theme of migration. The Migration Fresco has 3 main objectives: to inform different audiences about the theme of migration and exile, to raise awareness about the asylum procedure in France and the challenges of reception in France, to train and include people with an exile background in the animation of the Fresco in order to value their skills and to encourage sharing and multicultural encounter.

Dues / Membership:
Kabubu chooses to make all of its activities accessible to everyone, free of charge or with a free donation.

Where does Kabubu operate?
Within the Lyon Metropolis: activities - open to all - take place in public places, in sports facilities made available by the cities of Lyon and Villeurbanne, as well as in the facilities of sports clubs with which Kabubu has developed partnerships. New activities (swimming, horseback riding, etc.) are being developed in Meyzieu and Saint-Priest. The young people who are involved and the beneficiaries of the actions reside throughout the Lyon metropolitan area (Lyon, Villeurbanne, Bron, Vénissieux, Vaulx-en-Velin, Meyzieu, etc.).

Publics concerned:
 Through its actions, Kabubu seeks to reach different audiences:

  • People who have experienced migration paths
  • "Local" people, established on the French territory for some time
  • People in precarious situations
  • People from the LGBTQIA+ community
  • People with disabilities

  • In addition, special attention - and concrete actions for that - in order to promote the participation of the female public in our actions.
The innovative aspect
The innovative character of the project lies in the nature of the activities and in the proposed citizen and solidarity commitment. By using sport as a tool for inclusion, Kabubu mobilizes a large and young population of people sharing the same passion. Sport is, in fact, a democratized practice, accessible to the greatest number of people and allows the development of both physical and psycho-social skills. We want volunteers to be not only participants but also actors of the proposed activities. This is why we offer training programs that encourage people's commitment to citizenship and solidarity, through support for their projects, the development of skills and the obtaining of professional qualifications.