3 October will mark the return of mass sporting events after an 18-month hiatus due to the health crisis. For a successful race in a safe and reassuring environment, we all need to understand the necessary changes and behave in accordance to these adjustments. Never forget that every face mask conceals a smile and that we will all be sharing our emotions! We are over the moon to see you again!

Have your pass sanitaire at the ready

You need a valid pass sanitaire COVID certificate to enter the race. You will be asked to present it when picking up your race number and on the day of the race, whether you are a runner or a member of the organisation.

Find out more about the pass sanitaire

Present your vaccination or test certificate

You will have the option to present your vaccination or testing certificate. You will then receive a wristband. Wear it on the day of the race to avoid having to present your pass sanitaire COVID certificate and having to run with your mobile phone afterwards. Just run and relax!

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Wear a face mask before the startof the race

The start area will be crowded, so remember to wear a face mask. You can take it off right before crossing the start line and toss it in the bins provided for such purpose. After the race, in the finish area, you will receive a clean one so you are all set to travel by public transport or go shopping in the neighbourhood.

Take the start at the assigned time

Please start at the time displayed on your notification to prevent crowding. Runners will start in small groups to keep the race flowing from the beginning.

Stay alert at the refreshment stations

Certain foods that used to be handed out in bulk (e.g. nuts) will no longer be available due to the "COVID-compatible" protocol. Although the refreshments will be less varied, there will be more than enough to keep you hydrated and fuel your performance.

Make sure that your QR Codes are available on the "Tous Anti Covid" app

Being ready means much faster checks and more time to savour the event! The other requirements are not rocket science either:

  • Take preventative measures on your way to the event on public transport
  • Maintain the distance and do not jump the queue
  • Do not spit while running; bring a tissue if necessary
  • Make use of the full width of the road to overtake other runners
  • Make sure to toss your waste in the right bins