Who can enter?

Everyone! As long as you were born in 2005 or before… but it actually depends on which race you choose:

  • The Half-Marathon and the Relay Marathon are open to all runners born in 2003 or before (18 years of age in 2021).
  • The Marathon is open to all runners born in 2001 or before (20 years of age in 2021).
  • Attention! License holders will have to deposit their sporting license in their time to their time to  personal space along with proof of an issuance of a medical certificate. Non-license holders must submit a medical certificate of approved for the practice of running in competition / or the practice of athletics in competition / or the practice of sport in competition.

Medical certificate & regulations

Is the medical certificate mandatory?

Oh yeah! Without a medical certificate stating “approved for the practice of running in competition / or the practice of athletics in competition / or the practice of sport in competition”, it will be impossible to participate! Consult our  medical certificate page to be sure that yours was done in due form. Better, to avoid mistakes, we suggest you use the template available here.

How to put my medical certificate online ?

You can directly upload your medical certificate into your time to account and ensure it's valid. Under your Run In Lyon registration, you will have the possibility to upload your medical certificate and make sure that your medical certificate has been validated. Once the "pending" status is displayed, the document will be pending for validation by the organization. You will receive an email once validated or refused. The file must be PDF, JPEG, or PNG and less than 1 MB in size.

What does "pending" mean after downloading my medical certificate?

Your medical certificate is "pending" verification by our teams. This process will take several weeks due to the large number of participants. You will receive an email informing you of the validation, or refusal, of your medical certificate by the organization.

Where can the regulations of the event be consulted?

You will find the regulations of the 2019 Run In Lyon by  clicking here.

Questions pratiques pour le jour J

Are there pacemakers to help me achieve my goals?

Yes, like cabaret leaders, pacemakers will be at your disposal in almost all starting areas.

After the race

When and where can I see my results?

All results will be available on time to the afternoon of the race. A diploma will be available on this same website. You will also be able to find the photos and videos of the race. All you will then have to do is share them on the social media to show what you accomplished, while others were having a sleep in!

Are there classifications?

Of course! We don’t want to add any extra pressure (honestly), but we must admit that we would still like to see you run a good time (well, a little pressure doesn’t hurt anyone)! There will be an individual classification which all runners will be integrated and a companies’ classification containing:


  • A classification by team on the number of kilometres run

Where can I find my photos after the race?

If you are not afraid to see what you look like when running, you will find all the photos on the website of Marathon Photos.


Can I volunteer to help out?

With pleasure! We'd be mad to refuse enthusiastic helpers - maybe you can encourage others to help too? Bring your good humour and generous nature and join our hundreds of volunteers to help make this event run smoothly.

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