How to register?

Registrations for Paris-Nice Challenge are open ontime to.


What documents do I need to collect my race number?

A proof of identity and the registration confirmation only. You can pick up your race bib Place Masséna from 2PM to 7PM on Friday 15th of March and from 8AM to 9:30AM on Saturday 16th of March.

Medical certificate / rules

What kind of bikes are allowed on the Paris-Nice Challenge?

All bikes approved by the French Cycling Federation are accepted apart from electric bikes. Recumbent bikes and handlebar extensions are not allowed.

Is the Paris-Nice Challenge a timed race?

Two segments will be timed.

Will roads be closed to traffic during the race?

The race will take place on roads open to traffic. Therefore, you must respect the “Code de la Route” (French Highway Code). Signallers will be present along the route to remind riders that respecting traffic regulations is essential to the smooth running of the race.

What is a time schedule?

The time schedule allows the time when participants will cycle past different areas and will finish to be forecasted.

Start / finish area

Can I leave a bag at the start and pick it up at the finish?

Left-luggage facilities are available at the Paris-Nice Village situated on Place Masséna. You will be able to leave your bag in a dedicated tent. Your race number will be written on a label supplied with your race bib, and attached to your bag. At the finish, just show your race number to reclaim your bag at the same place as you left it.

WARNING, for security reasons, all bags will be checked. Please do not leave any large bags or bags containing dangerous or forbidden objects. The organisers reserve the right to refuse any bags which do not meet these criteria.

What happens at the start of the Paris-Nice Challenge?

All starts will take place on Place Masséna. We recommend you arrive thirty minutes before your start time. Find below the different start times.

Paris Nice Challenge SAS depart


What happens if a rider withdraws?

If you are unable to continue riding the route (due to bike breakdown), an emergency number will be available so that you can alert the race authorities. You will be picked up and taken to the finish line.

Are there feeding stations on the route?

Feeding stations will be set up at established points along the route. Water, fresh fruit, dried fruit and savoury snacks will be available.

Where can I find technical assistance for my bike?

Technical assistance, will be available at the Race Village for last-minute adjustments to your bike.

Are there rules I need to follow on the roads?

The roads will be open to traffic so you must respect the “Code de la Route” (French Highway Code).

What should I do with my litter during the race?

Along the route, you will see refuse collection zones consisting of large nets stretched out on the roadside. Keep your litter with you (packaging etc.) and throw it in the nets as you cycle past. There will also be litter bins at the feeding stations. “Eco-cyclist” patrols will be present in the peloton. Their job is to remind you to respect the environment and they will also take the rider number of any participant seen deliberately throwing litter on the ground. These participants will be relegated.

After the race

When will the classification be published?

There will be no published classification. However, your personal time for the climbs will be available on your personnal dashboardtime to from 8.00pm.

Where can I see my personal photos and videos?

Your personal photos and videos will be available several days after the race.

Is there a closed area in the Village to store my bike?

There will be a closed area for bike parking in the Welcome Village.

Will there be a pasta party?

Full refreshments will be available at the finish line. However, there will not be a pasta party at the Paris-Nice Challenge.


Can I be a volunteer?

You can join directly Arthur by email :

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