Immerse yourself in the world and atmosphere of the Tour de France!

Do you dream of stepping into the shoes of a Tour de France cyclist? Would you love to experience the unique event, meeting and riding with former champions of this legendary race? That’s good news, because it’s exactly what the L'Étape series challenges are offering -  total immersion into the one-of-a-kind atmosphere of the Tour de France.


See you on the starting line!



L'Étape La Paz: 22/03/2020
L'Étape Australia: 03-05/04/2020
L'Étape Indonesia: 05/04/2020
L'Étape Estado de Mexico: 24/05/2020
L'Étape Cancún: 21/06/2020
L'Étape du Tour de France: 05/07/2020
L'Étape UK: 05/07/2020
L'Étape Slovakia: 22/08/2020
L'Étape Oaxaca: 23/08/2020
L'Étape Colombia: 30/08/2020
L'Étape Brasil: 27/09/2020
L'Étape Ciudad de México: 27/09/2020
L'Étape Thailand: 25/10/2020
L'Étape San Carlos: 25/10/2020
L'Etape Acapulco: 28/11/2020
L'Étape Chengjiang: 12/2020

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