How to register?

All registrations are made on-line on time to. Registration takes no more than five minutes and you will receive immediate confirmation by email. After creating your account (or logging in with your time to profile), there is just one form to complete and payment to be made (securely of course).

Who can register?

The race is open to everyone, including riders without a competitive cycling permit, on the condition that they are 18 or over in 2019 on the date of the event.

So that everyone can enjoy the best race conditions, all participants will be ranked according to their level of ability when the race numbers are allocated.

What is included in my registration?

Before the race:

  • One race number envelope for the 2019 Etape du Tour, which includes:
    • Your personalised race number with:
    • 4 pins;
    • 1 road map ;
    • Stickers ;
    • Number plate - with the same race number - and cable ties to attach it to your bike ;
    • An electronic timing chip stuck to the front number plate ;
    • A baggage label for the bag that you’ll leave at the left luggage facilities on the morning of the race ;
  • The Welcome Bag. An Etape du Tour rucksack with goodies from our partners and the official Etape du Tour map with details about the Village, the entertainment and activities taking place and practical information about getting to the start and finish areas ;
  • Bike deposits are available on Friday and Saturday from 10am to 8pm and Sunday from 6am to 9am at the entrance to the Village in Albertville, where you can leave your bikes in a secure area at the times indicated. You can park your bike at the finish, on the village of Val Thorens from 11am to 6.30pm.

During the race

  • Medical assistance throughout the race. Necessary information will be provided on your road map;
  • Both stationary and mobile mechanical assistance will be provided free of charge by our partner, Mavic (parts must be paid for), including at the feeding stations ;
  • Access to the feeding stations during the race ;
  • If you have to withdraw from the race, we will provide transport to the finish line ;

After the race:

  • A finishers' medal. ;
  • Access to the Finish Village, activities and entertainment, toilets, podium and big screen ;
  • Access to the Pasta Party where participants can get together around a hot meal to share their experience of the race ;
  • Your results will be available here.

Additional services are available:

  • The personalisation of your medal;
  • A photo pack with your best individual photos during the race;
  • A video of your race;

How can I be sure I've registered correctly?

Once you have finished the registration process, you will receive two emails: one confirming your registration for the event, the other to confirm your payment. In addition, a tab with the name of the event will appear on your personal time to account.

Can I cancel my registration?

If you signed up for cancellation insurance when you registered:

You must apply for a refund within a period of two months before the date of the event and 15 days after the event on the following platform:

A supporting document proving your inability to take part in the event will be requested. If this is a medical certificate, it must be dated no more than two days after the event.

Refunds will be paid by bank transfer within two months after the event. If your application for a refund is approved, only the price of the bib will be refunded. Any options you signed up for during registration will not be refunded.

If you did not sign up for cancellation insurance when you registered:

Unfortunately, we can’t access your request for cancellation, refund or race number transfer.

The rules of the event state that “Any registration is personal, firm and definitive and cannot be refunded for any reason”, and “no transfer of registration is authorised for any reason whatsoever”.

To check whether you signed up for cancellation insurance, you can log into your time to account. All the details of your registration, including any cancellation insurance, will appear here.


Where and when can I collect my bib?

Race numbers can be collected in the Village at the Parc Olympique, avenue Joseph Fontanet at Albertville, on the following dates and times:

  • Albertville: Friday 19thJuly 2019 from 10am to 8pm;
  • Albertville: Saturday 20thJuly 2019 from 10am to 8pm

No race numbers will be distributed on Sunday morning, the day of the race!

How can I collect my bib?

Race numbers, plates and timing systems (chips or transponders) will be provided upon presentation of:

  • Your convocation with the QR code (received by email and available on your personal account on time to);
  • Your proof of identity;
  • Your medical certificate, if it has not been validated by the organisation on time to or if you didn't download it.

Download the medical certificate template

When will the race numbers be issued?

Race numbers will be sent out a few weeks before the event and will be distributed according to the sporting information we have been given. An email will be sent to you to remind you to download the document containing these numbers.

Medical certificate and rules

Is a medical certificate compulsory?

Yes. It is compulsory to present a valid medical certificate containing the words “non contre-indication à la pratique du cyclisme en compétition” (“no contra-indication to taking part in competitive cycling”). N.B.: this must be less than a year old. We recommend you use the model certificates online.

Download the medical certificate.

To save your time and avoid possible stress you can directly upload your medical certificate into your time to and ensure it's valid. Under your L'Etape du Tour registration, you will have the possibility to upload your medical certificate and make sure that your medical certificate has been validated. If your medical certificate has been refused or if you didn’t upload it, you will have to print and bring it at the bib collection (it must be dated less than a year prior the date of the race and have the wording «cycling in competition »).

I am a minor, do I need to provide a parental consent form?

This is not required, because your registration has to be done mandatorily by an adult on the online registration platform time to. The electronic signature of the major person is deemed. Be careful, you have to be 18 years old in 2019.

Where can I consult the race rules?

Rules are available here.


What types of bikes are allowed on L'Etape du Tour?

All bikes approved by the French Cycling Federation are accepted apart from electric bikes. Recumbent bikes and handlebar extensions are not allowed.

Are helmets mandatory?

Rigid helmets must be worn. The wearing of helmets (with the chin strap fastened) is mandatory at all times on the route. Any participant not wearing a helmet will be disqualified.

Y a-t-il un matériel obligatoire à avoir le jour de la course ?

Oui, le jour de course tu devras avoir sur toi : casque, bidon, kit de réparation avec 2 chambres à air et une pompe pour faire face aux crevaisons.

Information about the big day

Is there a reserved area for campers?

There will be a reserved area for campers. The location will be communicated in a few weeks’ time.

How and when can I get back down from Val Thorens?

This year, the route is a unique road leading to Val Thorens for the last 20 kilometres. This road (D117) from Les Frênes (front D96) will therefore be completely closed to traffic from 9.30am to 7pm. For obvious safety reasons, ONLY cyclists will be tolerated on the way down from 1pm and at a very slow pace because they will be in the opposite direction of the race on a "semi-secure" and narrow corridor. Be careful, from Val Thorens to this intersection it will take about 45 minutes by bike. However, there is no parking possibility in Les Frênes or Saint-Jean-de-Belleville, so you will have to go down to Moutiers and allow at least 1 hour of additional cycling after your race. To avoid this, we advise you: To stay in Val Thorens or Les Ménuires To use our shuttle possibilities To wait for the reopening of the road (7pm) quietly in Val Thorens

Is L'Etape du Tour timed?

The race will be timed and will give rise to several rankings:

  • A scratch ranking ;
  • A real ranking ;
  • A real ranking by category

Will the route be closed to traffic during the race?

The route will be closed to traffic throughout your race, in the same way as the Tour de France’s professional riders. However a time limit will be established in order to organise the re-opening of the route. Beyond this time limit, the route will be open to traffic again.

What is a time schedule?

The time schedule allows the closing of the route to be scheduled and those disqualified on L’Etape du Tour to be managed. Theses disqualifications are based on split times defined for each town crossed. These times are negotiated with the prefectures of each of the departments crossed and the departments of the National Gendarmerie. The strict application of these times (re-opening of the roads to traffic) is the key consideration if we want to continue to take advantage of a route that is completely closed for this race.

What happens if a rider withdraws / is eliminated?

You may be disqualified throughout the route. The “time schedule car” precisely follows the time schedule. Any rider who is overtaken by this car (equipped with a stopwatch), anywhere on the route will be considered as no longer in the race.

The “End of the Race” will be indicated by several of the organisation’s vehicles. If you are disqualified, you will be asked to take a diversion or go to one of the repatriation areas where you will be picked up by buses/trucks which will take you and your bike back to the finish village. Bicycles will be placed in the trucks and handed back to riders at the finish village upon presentation of race numbers.

A maximum race time, beyond which participants will no longer be featured in the final ranking, will also be established in 2019, to ensure that the first competitors will not have an advantage over the last ones.

After the race

When will the results be published?

The results will be available on the evening of the event on your time to account.

Where can I find my photos after the race?

All photos will be available the week after the event Sportograf.


Puis-je être bénévole sur l'Étape du Tour ?

Bénévole, une aide précieuse sans laquelle un tel évènement ne pourrait exister ! Les bénévoles font partie intégrante de l'organisation de l’Étape du Tour ! Ils apportent un soutien sans faille aux coureurs et partagent autant leur bonne humeur que leur enthousiasme tout au long de l’épreuve. L’ambiance, c’est aussi à eux qu’on la doit !

Pour accueillir 15.000 participants, plus de 900 bénévoles sont indispensables dans les villes départ et arrivée ainsi que sur le parcours afin d'assurer les différentes missions.

Viens apporter ton dynamisme et ta bonne humeur et ainsi permettre à tous les coureurs de passer un moment inoubliable sur le parcours !

Si tu souhaites faire partie de l’aventure, n’hésite pas à te rapprocher des mairies concernées par l’événement.

Tu peux également joindre Arthur directement par mail à l'adresse :

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Our team is available from Monday to Friday to provide information on your registration or the race, if you do not find what you are looking for on our website.

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Arnaud WEIL
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