Who can register?

Everyone ! All you need is to be born in 2007 or before… depending on the distance you chose:

  • The S distance (triathlon and duathlon) is open for all runners born in 2007 and before (16 years old in 2023)
  • The M distance (triathlon and duathlon) is open for all runners born in 2005 and before (18 years old in 2023)

Where can I sign up for the Garmin Triathlon de Paris?

Only on time to, the online registration platform with secure payment facilities.

How can I register if I am under 18 years old?

If you are under 18 years old, you need to register from an adult time to account. He must select "someone else, below 18" to the question "who is registration for?”. Parental consent is not required, because your registration has to be done mandatorily by an adult on time to. The electronic signature of the major person is deemed.

Can I sign up even if I do not hold a French Triathlon Federation licence?

Yes, but you will have to take out a Pass'Compétition during registration whether for triathlon or duathlon, to participate in the race and be insured. Rates:

  • M distance: €20
  • S distance: €5
  • Relays: €2 per sector (€4 if you compete in 2 of the 3 sectors)

You must present a medical certificate of fitness for the practice of "competitive triathlon" dating from less than a year before the race day. You have to upload it to your time to profile before the race.

How will my registration be confirmed?

A confirmation e-mail will be sent when you sign up. The e-mail may get lost on the way (anti-spam filters, e-mail failures, etc.). You can always check your registration status in the "My events" section on your time to account.

How to register as a team on the Olympic Triathlon Relay?

The team registration on the Olympic Triathlon Relay is very simple. The leader chooses the race "Olympic Triathlon Relay - leader" and follows the process of registration. He will then define a team name and a password which he will have to give to his teammates, once his registration has been validated.

The team-mates must register by selecting the race "Olympic Triathlon Relay - teammate" in order to fill in their personal information. They will then have to look up the name of their team and enter the password provided by the leader.

Attention: The whole team must work together: each runner must have a different sport when registering!

How does the company’s challenge work ?

The Challenge Entreprises is a meeting of employees from the same company who will be wearing the company colours for the duration of the Garmin Triathlon de Paris. The Corporate Challenge is also an opportunity for the trainee to tell the HR Director that he'd really like to get a permanent contract, for Fred (in accounts) to explain to Jean (his N-1) that he's doing a great job, and for Alexandra to run alongside Tom, whom she really likes. In short, it's an excellent team-building tool !

Do you think your company might be interested? Click here here to download the presentation brochure and get all the information you need. You'll also find the order form you need to register.

You can also contact the hospitality team by email at

I run with my company, how does the registration procedure work ?

Nothing could be easier: you go and see your team leader and kindly ask for your registration link. All you have to do is register on time to. Then you're off to train to ensure a good time for your company !

I cannot find My Event on my Time To account what can I do ?

You may have created several time to accounts. Please check that you are logged in with the correct email address linked to the correct time to account.


When and Where can I pick up my bib ?

Numbers can only be collected in the dedicated area of the village on the day before your event, at the Parc de la Villette.

The Village will be open on the following days:

    Friday 23 June:
  • 2pm - 7pm: Exhibitors' Village
  • 2pm - 7pm: Number collection and bike drop-off in the transition park for Triathlon and Duathlon S formats only (as they start the following day).
    Saturday 24 June:
  • 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.: Exhibitors' village open, but no number collection or bike drop-off in the transition park before 2 p.m.
  • 2pm - 7pm: Number collection and bike drop-off in the transition park for the Triathlon and Duathlon M formats.


How are race numbers assigned?

Race numbers will be assigned at the discretion of the organisers.

Does the entire team have to pick up the race numbers together?

For relay races, the entire team does not need to be present to retrieve the race numbers. The individuals who pick up the race numbers will have to present the medical certificates and identification of all his teammates.

Is a friend allowed to pick up my bib for me ?

A friend can collect your number as long as you give them a copy of your ID and your invitation to the race. No number will be issued without proof of identity. If your medical certificate or your FFTRI licence has not been validated, you will need to present it in paper format when collecting your numbers.

Please note, however, that you will still have to leave your bike in the transition park the day before your race.

Can I pick up my race number on the day of the race?

No, you cannot retrieve your race number on the day of the race. Race numbers are to be retrieved on the dates and times established by the organisers.

Medical Certificate/Insurances/Rules

Is the medical certificate compulsory?

Oh yes! Without a valid medical certificate mentioning “no counter indication to taking part in triathlon competitions” or “no counter indication to taking part in swimming competitions” (only for swimmer relay) or “no counter indication to taking part in cycling in competition” (only for cycling relay) or “no counter indication to taking part in running in competition” (only for runners relay), you won't be able to participate! Check out your medical certificate statys on your time to account to be sure that yours has been provided correctly.

Even better, to avoid errors, we recommend that you use our model certificate which is available here.

You are, however, exempt from providing a medical certificate if you are licensed from the French Triathlon Federation.

In this case, bring a copy of your licence to the Village. But remember, the licence must, of course, be valid on the day of the race!

How can I update my profile with my medical certificate?

Your participation will only be validated after you update your time to profile with the corresponding supporting document:

  • Holders of a 2023 season e-licence from the French Triathlon Federation: FFTRI licence Competition – 2022 season
  • Holders of a licence from another ITU federation: Medical certificate of fitness for the practice of "competitive triathlon" dating from less than a year before the race day.
  • Athletes without a licence: Medical certificate of fitness for the practice of "competitive triathlon" dating from less than a year before the race day.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail once your document has been validated.

How can I upload my medical form on my time to account?

To do so, simply log in on your time to account, and click on "My Account" - "My Events" then "Upload a document".

Your document must be less than 3MB and in JPEG, PNG or PDF format. If your document exceeds 3MB, you will need to compress it before uploading it

Once your medical certificate has been successfully uploaded, it will appear as being "pending” for validation by our teams.

If you are unable to upload it, we advise you to try by login to your personal timeto account via another internet browser.

When my medical certificate will be approved on my account ?

The organisation will start validating medical certificates 1 month before the race. You will receive an automatic email informing you of its validation or refusal.

Is it possible to transfer my bib to somebody or to transfer my registration for next year ?

The transfer, postponement or resale of race numbers is not permitted in view of the event regulations: "All entries are personal, firm and final, and may not be reimbursed for any reason whatsoever". Furthermore, "No transfer of registration is authorised for any reason whatsoever".

What is the Individual Accident Insurance?

This Personal Accident Insurance is proposed by the organiser's insurer so that you are properly covered during your participation in the event. It is optional but is strongly recommended.

As you may know, the vast majority of your usual insurance policies (particularly your car insurance, insurance provided automatically through your bank cards, household insurance, bank loan insurance, etc.) totally exclude any participation in sports events either on an amateur or professional basis, and therefore exclude the risks involved in your taking part in the Garmin Triathlon de Paris.

It is therefore important that you check the extent of the cover provided by your normal insurance policies (and the exclusions) and, if you are not sufficiently covered or not covered at all, you should consider taking out the proposed insurance policies by clicking on the link below.

This insurance will cover you if you have an accident whilst taking part in the event, whether or not you were responsible and whether or not there is an identified responsible third party. You are only covered during the event from the time you cross the starting line until the time you cross the finishing line or you abandon the event.

It guarantees the following accidents that may occur during the event:

  • in the event of death or total or partial permanent disability (due to this accident), the payment of a capital (within the limits of the purchased insurance option),
  • coverage of medical costs (within the limits of the purchased insurance option), and, if necessary, repatriation.

This cover Individual Accident is optional but highly recommended. It can be taken out in addition to any existing insurance you may already have or if you are not already covered. You may purchase the cover from the insurer of your choice, from your federation or from Aon, organizer’s broker, whose proposed insurance (detailed notice and application form) can be consulted and downloaded by clicking on the link below. You can subscribe to the option of your choice during your registration for the event or at any time before the start of the event.

Notice and application form

What is the Cancellation Insurance?

Insured: any person who has taken out cancellation insurance with their registration for the Garmin Triathlon de Paris 2023 (by ticking the corresponding box on the application form)

Purpose of insurance: to reimburse registration fees paid for the Garmin Triathlon de Paris 2023 when the insured is forced to withdraw due to :

  • Death, accident or illness of the insured
  • Death, accident or serious illness (requiring hospitalization) of the insured's spouse, parent or child in the thirty days before the event
  • Refusal of a visa by the French authorities
  • Theft of identity papers in the 48 hours prior to the start of the race
  • Court summons

Please note that a positive COVID-19 test of the insured is excluded. The direct or indirect consequences of COVID-19 affecting the insured (positive test, contact case or any other risk) are therefore excluded.

Premium on top of the registration fees:

  • S Distance - Individual : 8,5€
  • M Distance - Individual : 13€
  • S Distance – Relay : 11€ (the cancellation insurance covers purchase all the members of the team)
  • M Distance – Relay : 16€ (the cancellation insurance covers purchase all the members of the team)

Compensation conditions: all requests for compensation must be made via an online declaration directly with the event’s insurance underwriter, no later than 15 days after the event.

This declaration must be accompanied by an official document justifying cancellation of participation and, notably, in the event of an accident or illness, a medical certificate drafted in French, English or Spanish and issued no later than two days following the event. This certificate must explicitly mention the inability to participate in the event.

Your request will be studied within two months of the event and, if justified and covered by the insurance policy, compensation will be paid to you by bank transfer within the following month.

Main exclusions include:

  • Illness or accident suffered prior to taking out the insurance
  • Psychological or psychiatric disorders, nervous or mental illness, and their consequences
  • Pregnancy prior to taking out the insurance
  • Deliberate action by the insured

We recommend that you read the full terms and conditions of the policy contained in the insurer's information notice.

Notice and application form

Can I cancel my registration?

If you signed up for cancellation insurance when you registered:

You must apply for a refund within a period of 15 days before the date of the event and 15 days after the event on the following platform:

A supporting document proving your inability to take part in the event will be requested. If this is a medical certificate, it must be dated no more than two days after the event.

Refunds will be paid by bank transfer within two months after the event.

Attention, if you are registered as a relay, the cancellation insurance taken out by the leader will apply to all team members.

If you did not sign up for cancellation insurance when you registered:

Unfortunately, we can’t access your request for cancellation, refund or race number transfer.

The rules of the event state that “Any registration is personal, firm and definitive and cannot be refunded for any reason”, and “no transfer of registration is authorised for any reason whatsoever”.

To check whether you signed up for cancellation insurance, you can log into your time to account. All the details of your registration, including any cancellation insurance, will appear here.

Where can I find the race regulations ?

Rules of 2023 Garmin Triathlon de Paris are available here.

D Day

Can I drop off my bicycle before the day of the race?

It is even mandatory to drop off your bike in the transition park the day before your race, i.e. Friday for S formats between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m., or Saturday between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. for M formats.

Should I drop off my cycling helmet along with my bicycle?

It is not mandatory, but highly recommended!

Can I walk barefoot from the transition area to the start of the swimming sector?

Yes, you can walk barefoot on the tarmac to the start of the swimming sector. You are nevertheless advised to use some protection (socks, slides, etc.). Please note that personal items that remain at the start of the swimming sector will not be transferred back.

Are there left luggage facilities?

You can leave your bag for free at the left luggage facilities in the village, so you can run with a clear head and empty pockets. You pick it up after the race upon presentation of your bib.

Are there toilets?

You will find toilet in the village and in the transition park.

How will the starts be spread out?

In order to ensure that the start runs smoothly and there is a good flow of swimmers in the basin, the starts will be given "with the current", except for high-level swimmers. Entry into the water will be via the locks on the bank, to which access will be free according to each person's target time.

Are there cobblestones on the course?

Yes, but the course has been designed to contain as few cobbled sectors as possible.

Will there be feeding zones on the course?

Of course! We are not trying to make you hit the wall!

Will there be time limits?

Yes, there will be a time cut. The organisers may eliminate from the race any athletes who fail to make the time cut.

Participants will have a maximum time of 4h40 (four hours and forty minutes) to complete the M distance to the finish line. Any participant exceeding this real limit time, even if crossing the finish line, will be downgraded.

Participants will have a maximum time of 2h35 (two hours and thirty-five minutes) to complete the S distance to the finish line. Any participant exceeding this real limit time, even if crossing the finish line, will be downgraded.

Can I rent equipment?

Yes, we offer a rental package for swimming and cycling attire for the duration of the race. Rented equipment can be picked up when you collect your race number.

These extras can be selected (subject to availability) at the time of registration and from the "My events" section on time to.

How is the timing done?

You will receive a chip along with your race number. It has to be worn around your ankle throughout the duration of the event. The chip will act as a marker for the members of the relay teams, who will have to pass it on to one another at every relay.

Failure to return the chip for any reason will give rise to a €30 penalty.

After the race, until what time can I retrieve my bike from the transition area?

The transition area will be open on Saturday until 1 p.m. and on Sunday until 3 p.m.

After the race

Where can I get my photos after the race?

Your photos will be available on the website few days after the event.

When & where can I get my results ?

Your results will be available on this linkfrom Sunday afternoon. A diploma will be available to download from the same website, along with photos of the race.

When my personalized medal will be delivered ?

The personalised medal will be sent by post directly to your home address (the address you gave when you registered). It is generally sent by our service provider 3 to 4 weeks after the event.



Our team will be happy to help you with anything you need to know about registration or the event itself, Monday to Thursday, 9.15am to 6pm, and Friday, 9.15am to 4pm.
Tel: +33 (0)9 69 36 88 21 (toll-free)


Don't hesitate to join our team of volunteers for the occasion. Volunteers are essential to the success of the Garmin Triathlon de Paris, providing incredible support to the runners and sharing their joy and good humour throughout the event. If you would like to support the event and join our runners on an exceptional adventure, please send an e-mail to