Triathlon: three sports in one!

Swimming, biking, running… are you ready to tackle one after the other? You’re comfortable with one and want to try out the others? Check out our events and give our triathlon a try, three sports in one for three times more fun!



Each triathlon holds its share of emotion and action. The living water, passing landscapes, the intensity of a final foot race: there’s nothing more powerful than the finish line of a triathlon. Do you love multiplying your efforts by three? You know what we’re talking about. Maybe you want to give this endurance challenge a try for the very first time. We’ll follow you from start to finish.

Whatever your motivation, we’ll give you an event adapted to your needs, so you’ll never forget this triathlon!

Prepping and doing a triathlon also means choosing the right format for you. If you’re the fearless kind, give the Olympic distance (M) a try: a 1,500 m swim race, 40 km bike race, and 10 km foot race. Are you more of a beginner? The Sprint distance (S) is the best way to give a triathlon a try: a 500 m swimming race, 20 km bike race, and 5 km foot race. And why not try doing a triathlon as a team? With relay format, you can choose your sport(s)!

The best part about our races? An exceptional surrounding like the Garmin Triathlon de Paris, in the world’s most beautiful city, or the Royal Windsor Triathlon, where you swim/cycle/run in the Queen’s city…

Are you ready to rise to the challenge? Go ahead and sign up to one of our events!