We inform You in total transparency in our Cookies Policy about the Cookieswhich are stored in Your device when You Visit our Website.

1.    What are cookies?

Cookies are bits of data or tracking files which can be stored in thebrowser of Your computer, smartphone, table or connected TV. Cookies attributea unique identifier to Your device, which allows to the Site to remember Youractions and Your preferences (as Your location, the language You use, the fontsize You prefer and other displaying preferences) during a specific legalperiod. Thus, You do not need to give Us certain information every time You browseon Our Web Site. Cookies can also help You to personalize Your Browsingexperience. Cookies allow Us to know you better, personalize Your user experience,propose offers and products fitting to Your interests and ease the navigation through the Site.


2.      Different types of cookies

There are two main categories of cookies: persistentcookies and session cookies.

Session cookies allow to the Web Site to followup Your browsing from one page to another so that You are not required to giveevery time the same information. These cookies remain in Your device until Youquit Your browser, disappearing at its closure.

Persistent cookies help the Web site to rememberYour information and Your settings when You visit the Web Site in the future.It results in a faster and better access for You.

At Your first visit, the Web site is on bydefault mode. During Your visit, You select Your preferences which will bestored, recorded and used the next time You browse through the Web site, thanksto the use of persistent Cookies.

1.       Technical cookies, called, Essential Cookies:

These Cookies are essential for the proper functioning of Our Website andhelp Your navigation to be optimal. Without such Cookies, You may not be ableto browse the Site and may not use some of its functionalities. These Cookiesare necessary and cannot be disabled. These Cookies do not store any PersonalData.

That's why they appear as "Always Active".

2.       Analytics Cookies:

These Cookies allow us to analyze the navigation of the Website, performstatistics on the number of visitors and statistically analyze Your use of Our servicesto improve Your user experience. The analyses are based on anonymized generaldata. For example, these cookies show Us the most visited pages of Our Web Site,allow Us to know how Our Website is used and help Us to understand thedifficulties you might face.

3.       Functionality cookies:

These Cookies allow You to configure Your preferences to display the Webpage. Are mainly concerned the language, the region or the display of the page.They allow the Web Site to remember Your preselection, especially Your Username, language or the region You prefer. These Cookies allow You to set up Yourchoices only once and prevent You, on the one hand, from re-adjusting theparameters each time You visit Our Website, and, on the other hand, seeing everytime You connect the message intended for the person connecting for the first time.

These Cookies can also help Us to offer you personalized services and content.

4.       Advertising Cookies

These Cookies are deposited by Our advertising partners to propose to You advertisementsbased on Your preferences. These Cookies can also decrease the number of times Youare shown the same advertisement.

If you turn them off, you will continue seeing ads that you may not beinterested in.

Since these cookies are placed by Our partners, you will find the list atthe end of this Policy.

5.       Social Media Cookies

These Cookies allow You to share the content of our Website with Yourfriends or social media fans.

3.   AdjustingCookies


3.1  ViaOur CMP (recommended)

Our Website allows You to adjust the Cookies placed in Your device by usingthe interface directly accessible from the Cookie banner.

You are free to change Your mind and you can adjust at any time the Cookiesyou accept to be placed on Your device.

If You decide to delete all cookies every time You leave Your browser,remember that You will lose all Your settings.

Cookies are retained for a maximum period of thirteen (13) months from the firstdate and time they were placed in Your device. Once that period has expired (orif You delete cookies manually), We will ask you again for your consent to placeand/or read cookies. You will also need to re-adjust your choices in the Cookiebanner.

The Website may also contain Cookies placed by third parties. This CookiePolicy does not contain any information about those Cookies.  We invite You to contact third parties sothat You can find out how they Use Cookies on their own Cookies Policy.

(i) Acceptance of Cookies

Certain Personalized Services of the Website may temporarily use, tofunction properly, Cookies or other similar technologies that require Yourprior consent to place the Cookies in your device.

You may accept at any time the use of such Cookies in compliance with the applicable Law.

(ii) Refusal and deactivation of Cookies

Be aware that if You accept the use of Cookies you can withdraw Yourconsent at any time. You can disable Cookies or delete them using Your browser options.

If the browser of Your device is configured to reject Cookies, You maycontinue browsing the Website, but, the access to certain Services can bedistorted or impossible. A.S.O. cannot be held responsible for the anomalies ofthe Website or the alteration of the Services if they are the result of the refusalof the use of Cookies.

You can also disable Cookies placed by third parties and accept only theCookies that We place on Your device.

(iii) Control and administration of Cookies through the browser (notrecommended)

To manage the use of Cookies, You can consult Your browser's manual to beable to adjust it at any time. Adjustments may vary depending on the browser:

- Internet explorer : https://support.microsoft.com/fr-fr/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies

- Safari :https://support.apple.com/kb/PH19214?locale=fr_FR&viewlocale=fr_FR

- Chrome :https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/61416?hl=fr

- Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/fr/kb/activer-desactiver-cookiespreferences?redirectlocal-en-redirectslug-activate-activate-cookies

- Opera : http://help.opera.com/Windows/10.20/fr/cookies.html

To adjust the other browsers, we invite you to consult Their builders andconsult the appropriate documentation.

You can also disable and prevent the storage of Cookies on your device:

- Google Analytics : https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=fr

- Xiti: http://www.xiti.com/fr/optout.aspx

If you accept the use of Cookies, these Cookies will be retained for amaximum period of 13 months, in compliance with the applicable Law.