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A.S.O. particularly cares about Your expectations and We wish to keep Your confidence. Cookies are Personal Data in most of the cases. In this Cookie Policy, We provide You with a transparent information about how We transfer cookies onto your device and how We use them when You connect with Your device: connected device (refrigerator, TV, etc.…), computer, tablet or smartphone.

1. What is a Cookie? 

Cookies refer to small text files or tracers that are likely to be installed, read and stored on Your connected device, computer, tablet or smartphone, when You visit Our Site. Cookies assign to Your device a unique identifier which allows the Site to remember Your actions and Your preferences (such as Your location, the language You use, the font size You prefer and other display preferences) during a given legal retention period. For example, You don’t need to provide some information every time You access the Site or when You browse from page to page. Cookies can also help You to customize Your browsing experience. These cookies allow Us to get to know You better, customize Your user experience, propose to You offers and products that are in line with Your interests and make it easier for You to navigate the Site.

2. Different Types of Cookies

There are two main categories of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies allow the Site to track Your browsing from page to page so that You are not asked again for the same information You previously provided to the Site. Cookies allow You to browse many pages of the Site quickly and simply without having to identify Yourself to each new page of the Site You visit. These cookies remain on Your device until You close Your browser, resulting in the automatic withdrawal of said cookies.

Persistent cookies help the Site to remember Your information and settings every time You visit it in the future. It results in a faster and more convenient access for You.

At Your first visit, the Site is displayed in “by default” mode. During Your visit, You select Your preferences, which are kept in mind for Your next visit to the Site through the use of Persistent Cookies. Persistent cookies are split into two categories:

  1. Our Own Cookies (Primary Cookies)
  2. Third-party cookies

2.1. Our Own Cookies (Primary Cookies)

Our Own Cookies are used for the purposes described below, subject to Your choices resulting from the settings that You have customized in the Consent Management Platform ("CMP"), at Your first connection or until You have taken a decision about Cookies storage on Your device.

To set up and customize Your choices, You can access Our CMP by clicking on the "Cookie Settings" button in the cookie banner.

You can also accept or reject them in bulk at Your first connection to the Site, knowing that You can always change Your mind and modify Your choices and parameters by clicking on the button “Cookie Settings” at the bottom of this Policy.

2.1.1. Technical Cookies, known as Essential Cookies:
These cookies are essential to the proper functioning of the Site. Without them, You would neither be able to navigate the Site nor to be able to use some of its functions. Because these cookies are essential, they cannot be deactivated. These cookies do not keep any personal data. Therefore, their status appears as "Always Active."

C’est la raison pour laquelle leur état apparaît comme « Toujours actif ».

2.1.2. Analytics Cookies
These cookies allow Us to analyze the navigation of Our Site, to make statistics and to improve Your user experience. The analyses are carried out on anonymized aggregated data. For example, Analytics cookies show Us the most frequently visited pages on the Site and help Us to better understand the overall usage habits of the Site, and to anticipate the difficulties You are likely to encounter on the Site. These cookies allow us to improve the Site. These cookies do not identify You in any way and are therefore not personal data. You can, if you wish, deactivate them.
2.1.3. Functionality Cookies
These Cookies allow You to set up Your preferences to display the Site. They allow the Site to remember Your choices, including Your username and preferred language or region. These Cookies also allow You not to have to set up Your choices each time You connect to the Site and avoid You to seeing messages which are proposed to a user at its first connection.

These Cookies can also be used to provide You with personalized services and content.

The Site may also contain Cookies placed by Third parties, either A.S.O. Third Partners or Social networks. They are called “Third Party cookies”. This Cookie Policy does not contain any information about their Cookies, We invite You to carefully read their Cookies and/or Privacy Policy.

2.2. Third Party cookies

Since A.S.O. does not manage cookies installed by Third parties, We are not liable for their use. We invite You to read each Third-party Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to understand how Your Data is used by them. You will also be able to learn how to disable cookies by following their instructions.

2.2.1. Targeted Advertising Cookies
These Cookies are installed and stored by Our advertising partners in order to offer You targeted advertising based on Your interests. They can also limit the number of times an ad is showed to You.

If You turn them off, You will continue seeing advertising which You may not be interested in.

Since these Cookies are stored by Our partners, You will find their list in the table below. We invite You to read their respective Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy to find out how they use them and how you can disable them.
2.2.2. Social Network Cookies
These Cookies from third-party apps allow You to share content from Our site with Your Social networks’ fans and friends.
These Cookies also allow Our partners to propose to You personalized advertising based on Your interests.
We have no control over the process used by Social networks to collect information about Your browsing on Our site and associate it with the personal Data they have from You. We invite You to carefully read their Privacy and Cookie policies in order to learn about the purposes of use, including advertising, of the browsing information they collect. Their respective policies should inform You about Your rights, how to exercise them and how to set up Your consent.

3. Cookies settings

3.1. Through our Cookie Management Platform (recommended)

Our Site allows You to set up the Cookies placed on the Site by directly accessing the interface through the Cookie banner and by clicking on the button “Cookie Settings”.

You are free to review Your choices at any time and to set up again Your choices by clicking on the button “Cookies” in the landing page of the Site and then, by clicking on the button “Cookie Settings” at the bottom of this Policy.

If You ever wish to know which cookies You have consented to, as Your ID is anonymous for Us, We will need You to give it to Us. To find Your ID out, please follow the next steps:

  1. Click right on Your mouse;

  2. Click on "Inspect Element (Q)". A table will display at the bottom of the page;

  3. Click on Console

  4. Write down Optanon.getDataSubjectId();

  5. Press Enter;

  6. 6. Please give Us the ID obtained so that We can access to Your consent on cookies. We will then be able to provide You with the list of consents You have given for cookies to be placed on Your device(s).

3.2. Setting Up Your Internet Browser

Some internet browsers allow You to set up cookies and tracers purpose by purpose, both on Your fixed and portable devices.

The configuration may be different for each browser, as well as the vocabulary used. Depending on the browser You use, You will need to go to "Options," "Preferences" or "Advanced Settings" in order to set up Your "Privacy and Security”.

Then, You will be able to select, purpose by purpose, which Cookies You agree to install and store in Your device as well as the Permissions You give to the Sites (location, images, microphone, virtual reality, etc.).

You may also decide to keep or delete the Cookies when leaving the browser.

Be aware that the « DoNotTrack » osetting proposed by some versions of browsers is not always understood by sites, and especially by advertising agencies, as a "Privacy and Security" setting. Therefore, it is not appropriate enough to reflect Your choice.

A.S.O. is not responsible neither for the Privacy Policy nor for the Cookie Policy of Your browser and cannot be held responsible in case of its non-compliance with the Applicable law. We recommend You to carefully read their Cookies and/or Privacy Policy.

If You want more information on how to properly configure Your "Privacy and Security" in each of the major browsers, We invite you to read CNIL's recommendations on its website: You will find all the explanations to manage Cookies and tracers of the browser You use to connect to Our Site.

4. Cookies Retention Period

If You consent to the storage of Cookies on Your device, they will be kept for up to thirteen (13) months following the date of their installation on Your device. At the end of this period, or if You have not taken a decision regarding their acceptance or refusal, or if You have manually deleted Your cookies, Your consent to install and/or read the Cookies will be required again and You will have to reconfigure Your choices directly, through the Cookies banner, or via the "Cookie Settings" button at the bottom of this Policy

5. Cookies List